Extreme Sports & Outdoor Activities etc

Someone pop-ed me a question, what kind of extreme sports do you like?

Come to think about it, I've actually got lotsa of achievement unlocked here.

1. Survived a week of adventure aka camp in the wild when i was 16 at Langkawi
2. 12m exposure dive at Kota Kinabalu
3. Snorkeling (who doesn't?)
4. Parasailing at Boracay
5. Jetski at Penang
6. Flew a 2 seater plane thru KL twin tower for 30mins
7. Sandboarding at Kangaroo Island
8. Sports ATV at Boracay and a Side by Side ATV at Kangaroo Island
9. Mountain biking at Adelaide.
10. Skytrex Shah Alam
11. Paintball
12. Lazer Tag
13. Canoeing (on a steady boring river)
14. River Rafting at Bali
15. Cliff Diving at Boracay

Shit to be achieved before i die.
1. Bungee Jumping
2. Skydiving
3. Paragliding
4. Cliff Jumping
5. Handgliding
6. Kite surfing
7. Sand Kiting
8. Skiing
9. Snowboarding
10. Snowkiting
11. Surfing
12. Windsurfing
13. Windsuit skydiving

hmmm let's seee...