Extreme Sports & Outdoor Activities etc

Someone pop-ed me a question, what kind of extreme sports do you like?

Come to think about it, I've actually got lotsa of achievement unlocked here.

1. Survived a week of adventure aka camp in the wild when i was 16 at Langkawi
2. 12m exposure dive at Kota Kinabalu
3. Snorkeling (who doesn't?)
4. Parasailing at Boracay
5. Jetski at Penang
6. Flew a 2 seater plane thru KL twin tower for 30mins
7. Sandboarding at Kangaroo Island
8. Sports ATV at Boracay and a Side by Side ATV at Kangaroo Island
9. Mountain biking at Adelaide.
10. Skytrex Shah Alam
11. Paintball
12. Lazer Tag
13. Canoeing (on a steady boring river)
14. River Rafting at Bali
15. Cliff Diving at Boracay

Shit to be achieved before i die.
1. Bungee Jumping
2. Skydiving
3. Paragliding
4. Cliff Jumping
5. Handgliding
6. Kite surfing
7. Sand Kiting
8. Skiing
9. Snowboarding
10. Snowkiting
11. Surfing
12. Windsurfing
13. Windsuit skydiving

hmmm let's seee...

Shoe :: Impression :: experience

1. Nike (it's nike!)
2. Puma (bad design, scratches easily)
3. Reebok (no impression aka forgotten)
4. Converse (Classic sneaker, love it)
5. Adidas (Coolest shoe I ever had with Climacool, even wore it in uk at -5degree)
6. Hush Puppies (Heaviest shoe I ever wear)
7. Crocs (it's suppose to be a healthy shoe? my first crocs killed by a elevator at ikea. having my 2nd one)
8. Flipper (It took only a few month for the basement to go botak)
9. Tiger Onitzuka (Another quality product from japan, spoiled it during one of my travel video shoot by wearing it on the beach & tough tracks damn!)
10. PrimeMark (Cheap but not recommended for heavy duty AT ALL)
11. Zara (let's see about it this year)
Overwhelming responsibilities... challenges... schedules... tents to overlay the amount of sorrow a person has to live thru.

QPR Plane Livery

A different approach from expedia plane livery :) which do you prefer? qpr? or expedia? :)

Expedia Plane Livery

Check out the 15s version of Expedia Plane Livery

Check out the 30s version of Expedia Plane Livery

Check out the full version of Expedia Plane Livery

Be amazed by how such a huge plane being painted from scratch to something beautiful.
from rubbing down -> washing -> primer paint -> yellow paint -> stencil installation
i guess i could paint a car soon one day :)

A Letter to Mommy

Walking around Tesco earlier just now, feeling really lonely at a moment while memories keep flashes back related to mommy.

Yes. I spends lots of time with mommy in various supermarket/hypermarket/night market/ etc. Especially Giant/Carefour/Tesco.

Walking towards beverage area, mommy always never fail to ask "Vitagen? Yogurt? or the Nestle Fruit Milk? as she knows that it's good for health, and I being the retarded one always finish them up in one day time.

Vegetable and spices smells reminds me a lot of how mom used to teach me and lecture me about how and where she would use them on her own cooking.

Choosing Garlic, Onion, Potatoes, Taufu, Vegetables, Fish, Fruits like apple, orange, etc... those smells will always reminds me of mom. Mom always appears wherever i drop by any hypermarket. Walking thru every corner/blocks of display hoping to see mom appeared.

Tears flow with those smells and she just appears in my mind. My hands used to always position at her shoulder while doing our grocery shopping... Her hands used to always try hold my hands as if i am still a kiddo. that's why i prefer to put my hand on her shoulder and just gives her a tickle when she nag or talk too much. Hints Hints! It's really good to try to change topic or make ur mom smile by tickling her rather than to get annoyed by ur mom's love aka. NAG.

Awwwwhhhhh gosh.. i used to live in the world of Noise aka NAG which is also the other way to express love from our mother.

It's too quiet now... just too quiet nowadays.
way too quiet...

Chinese New Year in few weeks time, Opening up ALLLLLLL the boxes of chinese orange just to pick the best orange is always a must do every year for me and mom. Yeah i know we're CINA.
but no one wants to pay for a broken phone if you were to buy a phone aint? Passing by those boxes of Chinese Orange just tricked my tears to start dancing in my eyes...

You're really really relaly much missed Mummy.
I love you & misses you dearly.

How to Make Friends

Basically just Greet them and make a fool of them! :D
Well, party people would be cool with your fools as it's fun...
while some may feel uncomfortable but oh well...
what to do :) that's my style lol! monyet!

Not sure if the next one is correct but remembered there was once where i got scolded not being friendly just because i never click like/comment on his or her facebook post @@
Never know i have to do that to make friend @@
So, like/comment more on facebook to make friends! Hmmm i wonder haha.

It's a thin line to either care truthfully or care with motives.
this is a hard one, even I myself finds it hard to care for people truthfully as I'm afraid that I might get point fingers about having motives being caring? ahh susah la ni...

Gossip Kills! :S but it's fun to talk about ! haha!

Couldn't ask for more but just a handshake / deals on from Hicom & Sunway